Building system for video recording utilising raspberrypi

I found this article. Connecting HDMI out from companion computer to herelink Air Unit I’m quite interested in this system, here’s the use case.

We have two cameras that we want to display through herelink. One is a bluerobotics lowlight camera, the other thermal camera, which will be connected to a raspberrypi with the hdmi out connecting to the herelink. We want to be able to video record and also take photos on the herelink end. We are building a system that would allow the app to send to a cloud platform the photos or videos that are taken by herelink.

But getting back to the original question. is it enough to display the camera in some program such as python utilising opencv? Also is there an SDK for building your own apps around the herelink system?
Done some more research, im guessing is the program im searching for?
Another question will the herelink receiver connect to the internet?

Edit: updated question.

Just want to make sure I understand your question.

Are you going to make an app in Herelink that process and send videos to cloud?
But in this case I don’t see any connection to raspberry pi

My mistake. I’ve edited the question to fit. Yes, I want to connect the cameras to the pi and connect the hdmi out on the pi to the hdmi on the air unit. That is how the camera will stream to the herelink ground station.

It is possible to connect the raspberry pi to Herelink. You will need to get into raspi-config and fix the resolution to 1080p.

I am not sure if the program is enough because it depends on your resolution. Also the computation power, resources, etc on your pi.
The Herelink display what it gets from the hdmi port. That’s it.

The controller don’t actually control the camera. It screenshot the video and picture and store them locally. If you need to control the camera/pi, assign buttons to trigger signal to autopilot then to camera/pi.

The link you found is the source code of QGC on Herelink. You can customize it and built your own app.

We won’t need to control the camera or pi from herelink. Just wanting to know that on the ground station side of things, what kind of resolution is achievable by snapshot/recording?

what kind of resolution is achievable by snapshot/recording?

It depends on the output resolution from camera/pi to air unit, either 720p or 1080p.

Okay thanks. you’ve been very helpful! Looks like we’ll go and get ourselves a herelink system.

Hello, sorry to certainly dig up an old topic, but I am browsing the forums without success. I am new to Ardupilot and Herelink, I have a Purple Cube with a full Herelink set on a rover, with a Pizero and Picam RPI on board.
The stream works well but recording problem.
Video streaming recording problem with Solex: the videos are accelerated after recording. With QGC I cannot record the streaming, when I trigger the recording the screen is grayed out and no streaming ?! a little help please i want to use Solex preferably.
Thank you all in advance.

I’ve never heard this problem before.
Have you configured the fps correctly? Maybe the low fps causes Solex to record in incorrect rate?