Built log: cubepilot

Hi i just want to create this topic in order to share my experience building a quadcopter using cubepilot.

I’ve been using the ardu architecture since 2014 more or less, but stopped a few ago and now i’m back again with this technology.

Frame: Tarot 650 sport frame
cube pilot orange cube
herelink controller
rfd900x radiomodems
airbot PDB
Mauch electric sensors and bec’s

1.- The herelink air unit was installed on top of a 3d printed little hub

2.- On top of the main plate we installed the airbot PDB.

3.- The base for the brushless motor left the ESC’s wires exposed so we designed a shroud (?) in order to left a cleaner installation

There is one part the need to be 3d printed that i am going to use to place the antennas for the herelink air unit.

I’m planning to start configuring the autopilot the next week as i finished making the electrical connections

To be continued…