Cable to connect Cube to Tablet

I would like to know if it is possible to connect the Orange cube pixhawk directly by CABLE to a tablet in order to use qgroundcontrol ?
If so, could you tell me which can how cable I can use to make this work?
If so, would that work on the HERELINK RC Tablet, or I should use a standard tablet?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please check this doc,it might help

thanks for your answer.
It doesn’t suit my needs, let me explain :
I’m going to use Cube/Pixhawk in an aircraft, and I’ll be at 50cm far from the pixhawk. I do not need a remote connection.
Also, I met issues with HERELINK AIR System, and I lost a job because of this fail…
That’s why instead of buying a new AIR system… I prefer to find a solution more reliable with a cable connection.

For the video part, I’ll connect directly my Camera with a HDMI cable.
But I also need to connect a tablet using QGroundcontrol app.
At the moment I connect pixhawk to a laptop, but using a laptop is really not a good option for me … :frowning:

That’s why, I’m looking for a solution to connect by cable USB the pixhawk to a tablet (or to a HERELINK RC : which is a tablet).

Thanks in advance for any advice !