Cables will not plug into older Telemetry/GPS modules

Hello everyone…I purchased a couple of CUBES from Amazon that told me the cables that come with the CUBE can be used with older legacy Pixhawk accessories. There is no way that the cables supplied will plug into the Telemetry radio or GPS. I need the telemetry cable and the GPS cable. What am I missing? I want to test this new CUBE, but wanted to use my older equipment that worked fine on the original Pixhawk.

The cables definitely do work with original Pixhawk hardware. However, if you have a fake Pixhawk clone, then we have no idea what connectors it would come with.

The only “Pixhawk” was built by 3DROBOTICS. It has a 3DR logo on it.

Unfortunately there are many fake products in the market, which catch unsuspecting users
out. Maybe post a picture of the accessories you are trying to use, and we can help suggest solutions?

One thing to keep in mind, the Pixhawk stopped production in 2016, the GPS that came with it is very much out of date.