Camera 1080p 60 not working

I bought

  • Camera 30x pz30q HDMI Output camera with 1080P@60 FPS resolution
  • Herelink 2.4GHz Long Range HD Video Transfer System with Resolution Video Specifications is 720 @ 30FPS
    1080P @ 30/60 FPS

The problem when installing the camera with Herelink does not display the image and when trying to install another GoPro camera (1080P50), the image is displayed.
How can this problem be solved?
Please answer as soon as possible

Unfortunately not all cameras behaved well…

There is a thread here with a list of working and non working cameras

My camera FOXTECH SEEKER-30 HD Not in the working camera list and the non-working list

Best add it to the non working list unfortunately


Did you ever get this working?

Thank You,