Camera Integration with Cube Black

@philip I think cube developer should contact any camera manufacturing company and ask them to prepare camera which will be compatible with cube black and light weight then We people can compete with DJI ,now main problem is a camera compatibility with cube black triggering , making video , and for aerial mapping
Cube black as a individual working well but integrating camera like Sony and Canon are too heavy

I think all people those are using Cube black must be agree on this
I am waiting for your reply

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They’re is a comparability list.

Unfortunately camera manufacturers are not smart enough to realise how big this market is, they talk to loud VC funded startups, but not unfounded industry veterans…

We would be very happy to have a serious chat to Panasonic, Sony, Cannon, or any other manufacturer that wishes to dominate this industry


Why dont you contact with companies , I think you should contact Indian or Chinese company ,
It’s a big Issue for light weight camera with high resolution and at least more then 30MP .
I think you contact to this company
There map-02 is ok for current scenario.
But it is not compatible with cube black.
Parameters should be written in meta data of map-02.

The Foxtech cameras are just rip-off of Sony cameras. There’s nothing special in them. Foxtech by itself doesn’t make any camera sensors. And whatever is available on Foxtech is completely compatible with Cubepilot.
When Philip say about chatting with manufacturers, he means to have discussion about complete integration of sensor in and out! i.e, having control over all parameters of the sensors.



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