Camera on/off function using relay on Cube autopilot

Hello guys,
I have been using 2 relays on cube autopilot for a while now. One to trigger shutter and one to switch camera on/off (DIY Multiport cable for Sony camera). The issue is, I’m able to use relay on my ch7 to switch on/off, but can’t use it as a mission command. I have tried using it as mission command but it only switches on the camera and doesn’t switch off. It’s vice versa sometimes and it’s inconsistent.
I really want feature on Mission planner & QGC to test relay pins on ground before launch of aircraft. Even the CLI is pulled out in latest arducopter versions.
Thank you!
@Michael_Oborne @philip

There is a servo test feature on mission planner on the front screen

what philip said.

front screen > servo tab you can test servos and relays.

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Thanks Michael!