Camera/Servo issues with Solex

Everything is so different im not sure which are issues and which are things Im not doing properly. I think these are issues - please advise.

Im using a seagul #rec to control a sony A5000. All was working with QGC. No physical changes.

Shutter trigger.
Shutter can be triggered form MP (USB link PC to cube) with ‘trigger camera NOW’ function. OR can be triggered by setting a herelink button to servo7 (after parameter changes) but not both. Setting a herelink button to toggle shutter (presumably over mavlink) is not working.

Neutral servo values.
Unless a button is assigned AND used at least once then the corresponding channel outputs a PWM around 825. This will not work with the #REC as channels need to rest in their neutral state. Setting parameters does not work (servo trim).

Channels dont return to a ‘middle’ value. QGC, if I remember correctly could have a switch or toggle mode and setable middle value.

Cant get gimble tilt working from Solex. The mavlink command ‘point camera here’ is working fine but in QGC the camera pitch could be overridden from a button command (was using ch10). Cant get this working in Solex.

Any advice please?

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@kellyschrock @sidbh

I am playing with this now.

The Solex App is not triggering the shutter command I have confirmed that and have opened a report on that one.

I also believe you are correct on a mapped button not pulsing the Servo output at startup and as such the PWM sits at low level until it’s triggered at least once. I want to try something before I feed that one back as well as I’m trying to see if there is something else that will.


I just posted something along this on a new topic. It needs work