Camera & shutter trigger on AUX ports - will it handle 12V?

I’m adding a Naked GoPro to my Orange Cube equipped copter.

I tried connecting 5V from my BEC to the Aux bus - to power both the camera and the shutter using the relay function of Aux6. 5V activates the shutter properly using the relay function of Aux6. Doing this, the signal pin passes about 3.5V when the relay closes.

Unfortunately, I discovered that 5V isn’t quite enough to properly power the Naked GoPro - it requires voltage from 2P to 6P lipo sources.

12V from my BEC will power the camera. Connecting my 12V source to the AUX bus seems like a possible solution - but I’m concerned that 12V is too much voltage for the AUX bus.

If 12V is too much for the AUX bus, I’ll have to run 12V from my BEC to power the camera, and put 5V on the AUX bus for the shutter.

Can someone please direct me to documentation that states the voltage limit for the AUX bus?

The power supply limits are listed here The Cube Module Overview - CubePilot
The maximum is 10V

I don’t really understand this comment:

How do you have this wired?

Thank Craig - Turns out I don’t have this problem any more.

I’m using the relay function of Aux-6 as a camera shutter trigger.

I thought I had to apply power to the Aux Port rail for power to be available for the signal pin when the relay closes. I learned this is wrong.

My camera needs 12V. The shutter needs less.

I was thinking of applying 12V to the Aux Port rail - so I could connect the camera’s three wires ( +V, Gnd, shutter) to the single Aux-6 position connector.

I tried this arrangement with 5V applied to the rail - it worked fine for the shutter on the signal pint of Aux-6 - but 5V isn’t enough to power the camera.

I was considering trying 12V on the Aux port rail.

As I mentioned on the ArduPilot FB Group this morning - it turns out I don’t need to apply any power to the Aux Port rail for Aux-6 to send about 3V to the signal pin when the relay is commanded closed. And that’s enough to trigger the shutter.