Camera to herelink and raspberry pi

Hello, i would like to know if its possible to use a camera i have, and connect it to both the herelink air unit and the raspberry pi. I want the herelink to just stream the camera’s output and the pi to capture images from the camera and use those images for my computer vision algorithm. I was thinking of connecting the camera to the air cube unit via hdmi and to the pi via a usb cable. The camera im using is eken h9r camera. Is it possible to do so?

How would you capture HDMI video stream on the RPI ?
Best is to use a USB or CSI camera connected to Pi and output HDMI to Air Unit.
I tested that with a Nvidia Xavier and it works OK on AI image classification

Hello! Thank you for your reply. The camera has a hdmi port and a usb port. So i was thinking of connecting the hdmi to the herelink and the usb to the pi. I thought of just connecting the camera to the pi and the pi to the air unit via hdmi but i would like to have control of the camera through the herelink, if that makes sense

If the Camera can de controlled through MavLink, the RPI can be connected to FC on Serial and pass the command through USB to the camera