Can HereLink do Video Streaming?


Can the Herelink do video streaming over Facebook, youtube or other video social media?


Please for the love of humanity, don’t live stream on Facebook!!!

If it can be done with android, unfortunately it can probably be done with HereLink… but I am not looking for a way as live streamed unedited videos from drones are terrible!!!

@philip, you have to understand at least 50% of the questions over here or requirement coming from our customers. Some times they dont care about if the video are unedited or not, they want to see the video drone from a video central or from the other side of the world.

From my point of view, HereLink is a great product! I like it very much, the customers I show the HereLink want it. But DJI is the reference, and they want the same options.

That is why I think everyone are asking for PIP, Streaming, differents video options, etc, we want you be better and greater to one day you and we as a comunity can be better than DJI.

So, if the customer wants to streaming over FB, TW, IG, YT, we need to say “yes we can”

Hope you understand.


We don’t be “better” by replicating… and engineering is never about saying “yes” to customers whims…

Product development is about picking some specific use cases, and engineering the correct solution for it.

Just because somebody does something, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea…

HereLink is Android… so if you can find a way to live Facebook stream… great! But it’s not a feature that we will be offering this year…

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If you are interested in a streaming solution (200 ms latency for a client connected via internet), this BVLOS capable radio system might be interesting for you:

Thanks for posting that info, a very flexible setup with lots of possiblities - Interesting video on a Cube and Kore transplant