Can I fly there CASA Australia

In an industry newsletter VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific June 2019 Report in Australia it states and I quote

‘Can I fly there?’ is retiring. CASA has stated they are
retiring our ‘Can I fly there?’ drone safety app, because
CASA is building a digital platform that will allow
industry and other app developers to connect to and
develop their own software apps. To connect to the
platform, app developers will need to go through a
robust approval and onboarding process that enables
CASA to ensure the proposed app delivers accurate
information and meets minimum technical requirements.
As third-party apps are approved by CASA, we will list
them on the webpage, with a link to the developer’s
website. In time, you can select which CASA-approved
app meets your needs.
In the future, the new platform will also: integrate with
our proposed drone registration system; allow licenced
operators to submit flight authorisation requests
automate approvals to operate within 3 NM of a
controlled aerodrome, where safe to do so; provide the
building blocks for a future RPA traffic management
CASA is in the processes of approving an app to
connect to the platform, along with a web-based version
This is expected to be live from early July 2019

The RPA traffic management system sounds interesting. Is this something Mission Planner would be able to be integrated with?

If someone can tell us where to get access to the CASA data, then yes!

But there appears to be no public information on how to get access to the data

Thanks for the reply Philip. Sounds promising. When I was trying to choose a logboook management system CASA could not approve of any on the current market, the reason being that none had Airservices Australia data (official aeronautical) interfaced with their apps. So although the article states CASA it’s Airservices Australia that provides the necessary data. I’ll see what I can found out from them.
You are right about the lack of information though. I am a ReOC holder and get newsletters and survey’s from CASA but this is the first I had heard of it.

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Haven’t got any direct feedback from CASA yet but found this info on their website which seems to be where the original article I quoted comes from.

Just had a look at the one offering - OpenSky seems to be an American app with very little content? Wonder why CASA would approve something which has even less info than “Can I Fly There” plus it uses Google maps which CASA has stated as not being legally usable in planning an aviation mission.

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Hopefully Mission Planner will taking advantage of this platform developed by CASA - at least for those operating in Australia

Just an update on apps and the process in using the RPAS digital platform in Australia

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