Can I use jetson nano as a router?

I hope I can ask the right question by choosing the appropriate sentences. What I’m trying to do is this.

i have one android tablet and jetson nano computer. I am trying to give static ip to my Herelink in order to be able to communicate between my Herelink and my jetson nano computer. I achieved this by creating the dhcpd.conf file. I can give the IP I want to my android device. but when i disconnect internet from jetson nano and apply reboot to system. dhcp server not working. I need to connect the jetson nano back to the internet for it to work.

This is exactly what I want. I want to assign an ip between my jetson nano and my Herelink via an ethernet cable without being connected to the internet. how can i achieve this. please guide me on this. I couldn’t find suitable answers in the forum.

i think i need a better undertanding of your current setup.

ie where is the herelink link in the story, where is the android tablet, how is it connecting, and then the nano, where is that, and wheres it connecting.

the herelink already has static ips, except wifi. adding a dhcp server to the ethernet part will just assign ips to device that connect to it, the herelink will not use it at all.

need alot more info

jetson nano driving my robot. Herelink device is connected to jetson nano. I can already communicate between jetson and herelink. but I want to use my robot wired for some purpose. I am absolutely sure of this, my herelink device does not receive a static ip from ethernet. so i am having this problem. I need to communicate with my android tablet with herelink and provide data transfer. i managed this connection with internet. but i need to do without internet