Can newer cube be used in 3DR solo? (does it have 5v PWM)

These cubes were bought for use with 3DR solo.

Do they provide 5v PWM, or - if not, what to solder/where, and what is the correct procedure to open the new cases ?

(the first Cube 2.1 had a jumper that needed to be cut/soldered to provide 5v)


Only green cube provides 5v pwm.

Thank you.
Yes, before, the only difference was a solder-jumper inside.
The vendor had no green-cubes, we bought them believing the modification was trivial.
Could you please tell how to modify these ? (micro-soldering not a problem)

The modification is too easy to mess up.

Your reseller should have contacted us or put you in contact with someone who stocks them.

please tell me the suggested mod, (I am still on EAGLE, because the new electronics cad you use is not multiplatform.)

New? Altium, previously Protel, was around long before Linux… long before eagle…

The schematics are supplied in PDF form.

We offer the green cube at exactly the same price as the black.

Please get green cubes. There have been too many people screw this up, so I have stopped giving advice on this topic.

I did not mean that Altium was new, but “new” tool for this project (because Eagle was used since the beginning of ArduPilot.)

Anyway - As long Altium ignores Linux, we simply won’t purchase it… because we are not stuck with windows.

It’s your Choice to be so stubborn. The schematics are supplied as PDF.

Altium offer a viewer, yes it needs windows. So what? Microsoft offers more open source code than any other company in the world. You can’t possibly be telling me that you do not have access to a single windows computer…

For reference…

All the information you need is here. Complaining about your Linux fetish’s is irrelevant to this topic, as the information is on PDF.

GitHub The-cube

And eagle was dumped when it took on a funding model that made it no longer practical for any serious design. It’s not open source.

Altium is the correct tool for designing Avionics.


Free… works on Linux… move on…