Cannot connect to Mavlink Camera 1


I’m working on camera control for my copter and have encountered one problem…
Essentially I’m using a Mavlink capable camera, it’s a Gopro Hero 7 on a Storm32 Gimbal that acts as the Mavlink connection. In the Gimbal software I can select the Mavlink camera number (Component ID) as which it acts.

Situation 1, everything fine:
Herelink, Gimbal and Pixhawk connected via Mavlink, Laptop connected via USB to Pixhawk. In Mission Planner I can see the Mavlink camera component (and its parameters) and in QGroundcontrol I have extended camera functionality (photo, video, battery, storage, etc.)

Situation 2, not so fine:
Like before but Laptop connected to Herelink via Hotspot. Now I only can see the camera in Mission planner when I select it to be Mavlink camera 2 (Component ID 101) in the gimbal software. I cannot connect to it being camera 1 (ID 100). But QGroundcontrol only offers camera control for the first camera, so I cannot control it at all (both on Herelink QGC and PC QGC).

It seems to me that the Herelink connection does kind of filter out messages from camera 1 (or use them internally??), but QGroundcontrol only is able to control camera 1. Is there any way to keep the (really cool) Mavlink camera control functionality? Any hints or ideas?

You would need to change the Mavlink router in the air unit

Thanks for the fast reply!
Okay, get it. Is this something that is configurable from my side (commandline??) or something that is hardcoded and only you can change?
If it’s the first, do you have a (at least rough) instruction?