Cannot get Rover to reverse


I have a rover and I am using the Herelink 1.1. The ESC is a Traxxas VXL-3s. I cannot figure out how to get the rover to go in reverse. In previous versions of software this hardware would reverse, now it no longer does.

It should also be noted that the throttle only seems to go one speed, there is no more curve; on or off.

Any tips would be most helpful.

I did some further testing of this to isolate whether it was the hardware or software. Using a Raspberry Pi I was able to engage the motor using the full range of PWM to include increasing and decreasing rates of rotation. This tells me that something in QGC is the culprit, I am just not sure what yet.

Further testing shows that Mission Planner is useful in this scenario. There is a setting, Setup | Mandatory Hardware | Servo Output . This seems to be the only way I can successfully control things. QGC on the herelink will make some changes, but regarding things like min and max pwm this seems to have no bearing.

Would like to learn how to do this purely from QGC and not have to involve Mission Planner.