Cannot make Telem 2 working with MavLink

Connecting via OrangeCube+ USB (Serail0) works fine and I can see MissionPlanner etc.
But I am trying to use Telem 2 connection on the PX4 carrier to have robust cabling and I fail to make connection.
I can see the serial2_baud set to 115 and serial2_protocol set to 2 (mavlink), serail2_optiopns are 0, and when I connect serial terminal in PC I see the data coming for few seconds after reboot and then all traffic \tops.
Any idea how to make Telem 2 equivalent to USB serial from Cube?


Do you mean the standard carrier?
There is actually a USB connector that you would be better off using.
If you still wish to use Telem2/Serial 2 set the SR2_* values the same as SR0_ values.

thanks for the reply.
I cannot use USB as I only have serial server available at that location.
I tried SR2 and while I can configure the baud, the stream stops coming after few seconds of operation.
It just seems somehow it is blocked and only SR0 is output.
Any idea what can be the cause?