Can't flash Cube Black using QgroundControl

I am tying to flash PX4 firmware in CubeBlack but QGC don’t recognize the board. Currently I am running ardupilot 3.6.12 Chibios firmware in the CubeBlack. Flashing the Cube with any version of ardupilot chibios firmware using MP work faultlessly.

But when using QGC the board do not connect automatically, and you must force the connection. Also, if you go to the “firmware setup” tab, QGC won’t recognize the board therefore is impossible to flash it.

Any suggestions?

Try the beta QGC and see if that works.

Verify mission planner sees it, and report back

I will try the beta of QGC and see if that solves the issue.

I confirm that MP sees the board without a problem.

Yesterday I try to flash the Cube Black with an older version of AC using MP. I downloaded AC 3.6.6 for PX4v3 NuttX, and flash it into the cube. The driver changes from “ProfiCNC CUBE F4 FMU” to “Legacy FMU” and works flawlessly with both MP and QGC. The problem appears to affect only if the firmware flashed in the cube is a new AC Chibios version and the diver is “ProfiCNC CUBE F4 FMU”. Maybe this could help.

The beta should resolve this.