Can't get video stream forwarding to VLC working

I’ve got good video back to the herelink with a GoPro Hero4
I’ve got video streaming enabled inside the Herelink settings (after dragging down from the top and selecting the “Herelink” area).
I’ve got the stream showing up nicely in Qgroundcontrol.
I’ve got the wifi hotspot set up on the android
I’ve got my Mac connected to the hotspot
I’ve got VLC open
I try to open the network url: rtsp://
and it will not open.

I have reviewed all the available instructions, I’ve gone digging through the android screens, I can’t find anything wrong, any suggestions?

Under the Qgroundcontrol settings, there is a “video input” area that is set to automatic; I’m assuming I shouldn’t mess with this because this is for the feed from the aircraft side to the Herelink, correct? (and doesn’t affect the Herelink controller onward…)

Have you enabled video share in Herelink Setting App?

yes, I had enabled video share and it still wasn’t working. BUT, without making any additional changes, and just turning things on and off enough and waiting a day, it starting working on its own. So I’m all good for now; hopefully things stay good! thanks for the help.

If anything goes wrong, reflashing the firmware is the best way to verify.