Can't install any apk to Air Unit

I need help to install my custom app to AirUnit.
I followed some tutorials about it like “adb install myapp.apk” but I got “/system/bin/sh: cmd: not found” error.
Is there any idea to create a autostart script or install custom application to Air Unit?

Have you installed the ADB tools?

Thank you for your reply,
I installed ADB tools and tried different SDK versions. But it can’t help me.

Does any device show up when entering adb devices ?
Also, have you turned on the developer mode?

Sorry for late reply.

I can reach both devices GCS and air unit. I can create a script on air unit but not allowed on autostart.

I can see the device on adb devices, connect with adb connect and reach the shell too. But unfortunatelly I can’t run adb install commands. I just want to create an application which is controlling “lmi40” connection and switch on/off with my commands from air unit.

I have just confirmed again. It is not possible to install apk in air unit.

The air unit comes with python, but not configured yet.

I just want to down the “lmi40” connection to disable the wireless connection between air unit and GCS when I send a command from GCS. Is there any way to do it?

For this sort of thing, we offer OEM support, but it’s on a service contract, it is not simple and tends to be very time consuming to do any customisation on the air unit