Cant run ALTA QGC on HERELINK : ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use

I am trying to run an ALTA X off of a Herelink unit and the first flight was a disaster. The paramaters for the remote were all wrong for the ALTA X airframe. I was told I need to us “ALTA QGC” but the herelink does not want to allow the ALTA QGC to operate. when ever I open it it says “ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use”. surly there is a way that herelink can get third party apps working without having to be a hacker or re code anything??

if anyone has any info please let me know.

kind regards

I am not affiliated with FreeFly but I do use a standard radio (Frsky) for control and herelink as a payload/gimbal controller. As part of our ongoing development we are attempting to integrate the herelink to the flight controller over the next week or so and if we manage to get it working I will follow up here. However I do know that freefly were looking at herelink and they have said previously that they were doing internal testing some time back. I have not heard back about how/if they got it working but it would certainly be worth sending FreeFly support an email.


Hi I received your email on this in the week. Sorry this week has been a crazy one for me and Iv not had chance to reply.

On this I don’t have any experience sorry. You can buildup your own custom version of QGC from the git but again not something I have done.

Hey guys, did you find a solution to your problem ? how did you install the Alta QgC to the herelink ?