Carrier Board Design

Working on a carrier board design and wanted some clarity around some pins on the Cube Black.
For instance whats the difference between these two PWM outputs.
Pin 72 IO_CH5_PROT (I/O PWM output channel 5) and Pin 58 FMU_CH5_PROT (FMU PWM output channel 5)
I am guessing one is Aux and one is not.

Also what these pins are for
27 VDD_5V_PERIPH_EN Enable voltage supply for Peripherals
55 VDD_BRICK_VALID Main power valid signal
Is there a document that better describes the pin function.
Also the dimensiaon information for mounting and DF17 placement on the cube black.

Thanks all.

What design tool are you using?

Have you seen our reference design? And our registration process? @apache405 has a Eagle library for this as well which can help a lot.

For your questions, IO is the main outputs 1-8, FMU is AUX outputs, these are normally thought of as 9-14

Periph enable turns on the peripherals on the PSM

Brick valid tells you that the power supply is good (again from the PSM)

Hey Philip
I am using Diptrace. Its what I am most familiar with.
Thank you for the input on the outputs. I suspected that is what it was based on what I have read so far.
Ok so the Cube Black has a method of controlling power to peripheral devices…Interesting. I wasn’t looking to have the cube control any external device…but interesting that it can.
I think that reference design might be worth having a look at.

Thanks man.
Oh and registration yes I saw that. I am a long way from that at this point…more dreaming less designing…lol
I do have the ability to import Eagle boards so perhaps I should reach out to Jeff @apache405