Carrier board made in USA?

It’s awesome that cube blue h7 is USA made for Section 848 and Section 841 of the Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. BUT… 841 also demands that all PCBs are manufactured in the USA. Are there any carrier boards made in the USA that anyone knows of? It seems like even if you use Blue, all the carrier boards are made in Taiwan… and that can easily prove to be a problem.

This is a good place to start

I wish we could get them

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Ask Jeff @apache405 . I think he has some

I have qty 1 Kore on hand as of tonight.

All our autopilots are fully compliant with the NDAA a requirements…

Anyone telling you otherwise is not telling the truth

The only reason to choose blue over orange is out of US national pride.

841 excludes China, NOT TAIWAN

You’re absolutely right Philip. Thank you for the conversation we had on facetime a few months ago. I forgot I had also posted it here. Apologies.

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We are making our own in India with a jetson Nano.

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