Carrier board serial port failure

I am guessing no one has a clue but I will ask. I have a standard carrier board with comm issues. The gps ports will not recognise the gps, telem port appears to be chatting but fails to fully connect. Fresh firmware on cube black, and all works on mini carrier. I am guessing the board has had a miss wire and glitched a chip. Any suggestioins, got it used and thought I would ask, TIA, stay safe y’all

just an update, booted this board again this morning and the com ports came alive for a while. Got GPS and telem to work for about an hour or so. Then the GPS went off line again but the sik radio kept it’s connection. Can a standard carrier board be repaired? TIA

Is GPS1 port not working? Can you peek and see if the GPS1 connector and the carrier board pads are covered with glue or not?

Yes sir, the GPS 1 port is glued on both sides. Just that port. Has it been repaired?

Are the pads covered under the glue? or the glues are at the 2 sides of connector?

Like example A on both sides. Is there a known issue with these boards? Thanks

In this case, you may contact your local distributor for RMA.

Thanks, I will try IRlock and see what they say. I have been buying my cube accessories from them.