Carrier board to cube cable

Does a cable exist to connect the cube to carrier board? If so can someone point me to it or give me the male | Female connector name to search for. My goal is to isolate the cube from the carrier board and all the connections.


I am a little confused as to why you would do that? You are adding failure points.

I understand, it adds a second mail connection point.
I wanted to isolate the autopilot away from the carrier board and all the connections attaching to it…
It most likely isnt available, maybe I am over thinking it, but it seems to me that by routing all your signal wiring and 3 and 5 volt wires you introduce the potential for vibration from wire movement. I have built several copters (3 quads 1 X8) and it has always bothered me that I am unable to “tidy” up the wiring and connections surrounding the controller… I would love to see how others handle it (especially 8 esc connecting to the rail as in the case of my x8

Ah then you are after a different carrier board perhaps, but that of course is $ It is a good thing you are aware of the problem! Many people don’t seem to be. Maybe a few minutes with a 3D printer to make an enclosure that routes and hides the wires!