Carrier board

i was installing a new rplidar A2 to my cube orange, and was following the instructions in arducopter but i managed to get the pos an neg wires switched and when i plued into the telmetry1 port it went bonkers. seems power on the cube lights, the here2 gps leds flash but go off, telemetry radio lights stay on but no conection, esc,receiver all come on, power button sometimes will light up but if i push it everything will go off and back on, and no connection with mission planner of qground. now in short im still a noob here but to my own repairs on my electronics and have decent soldering rework setup in my shop. i did manage to repair a pixhawk 2.4 board that was brought to me by replacing the ARM lucky idk. anybody tell me if id be waisting my time trying to fix this carrier board or info on a possible repair, or just by a new one? and is there a way to know if the cube is ok or not?

Does your computer detect the Cube’s COM port correctly?
If it is not showing up, there is great chance that the Cube is burnt.
Shorting the power to the ground will most likely kill the Cube.

not really on the com port, but sometimes it will and even then when it shows up and i try to connect to it, it will just disappear. i ordered another carrier board from IRlock and i will message here with the result on if the cube survived when it arrives.
thanks for your help.