Castle ESC telemetry support

I am working on a large electric plane for work and would like to have ESC telemetry for temp and RPM. I am finding that most high current and voltage ESCs do not have bl_heli32 so ESC telemetry does not work with the Cube.
I know Castle ESCs have the ability to send telemetry to Spektrum and Futaba radios using a Telemetry Link cable that goes between the ESC and the receiver.
Is there any work being done to get this type of telemetry supported on the Cube so that I can just plug the Castle Telemetry Link cable into the Cube and see the ESC telemetry in Mission Planner? @philip

RPM is there already. I don’t know your specifics, but will this work?

These are for Helicopters. It’s more of counting how many times a point passes to measure rpm.
@Blin_Richards What current rating are you looking at?

I need a 120 amp ESC.