Check BRD_TYPE:INS:unable to initialise driver PROBLEM

Hi friends.
I have got Cube autopilot board. I dont know which Cube! (black,blue etc)
I know they are on the my board;
On board: MPU9250, MS5611
Target IMU: MPU9250, L3GD20,LSM303D,MS5611


My board broke down.

What could be the problem?

Re install mission planner using the msi File.
You have fmuv3 installed instead of CubeBlack firmware. Latest MP drivers can only be installed from Msi. Correct drivers or needed for correct firmware

Thank you @hdtechk
Ok which is this board? (STM32F427 and STM32F100) is it Cube Black? and Where do I find the right firmware? I use fmuv3_bl.hex bootloader but it is not working.

Use the apj file

Please don’t cross post, you are asking the same question in multiple places.

You should not be touching the bootloader at all! And it should never be taken apart!