Choppy Video Transmission starts after a while - Herelink

while scanning a 100ha wide area in a open area the videotransmission starts to get choppy like seen on this video, watch over dropbox: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

it was about 2hr flighttime and at each battery change (every ~35min) i restarted QGC and than works again well for couple of minutes. The range was about 1.6km maximum so shouldnt be the issue.
HDMI is connected straight from camera port to Herelink - brand new cable. I’ll keep watching to learn more about this issue.

Any ideas or experience?
Thank you!

Was there any 2.4GHz signal sources nearby? They may cause interference.
You can also try to re-flash the firmware on controller to eliminate any possible software glitches.

three survey jobs later with about 1.5h raw flighttime each i can tell its a issue of the app.
The issue appears after ~15min flight time and is done after closing and rebooting the app.
It’s not fixed after a reseting the herelink and refreshing software. Environment was 3x different with and without wifi frequencies in the area

App reboot isn’t a great workaround during waypoint missions.
Any ideas to fix this?

Choppy Video Feed starts after 10-12min and works fine again after restarting the app - as i said.
Videofeed streamed to MP/Laptop is working fine all the time!

Is the blinking screen part of the problem? As you said Videofeed stream is working fine.

Can you try to test the Herelink without it flying? Keep the video streaming for 10-12 mins and see if the problem appears.
Also test with Solex.