Compass Learn Fail

good morning dear friends of the group…

a quick info to which I have not found an answer.

I often use the in-flight compass calibration function with compass-learning (value 3), then if I hear the buzzer beep then I know it has finished but sometimes I don’t hear it and I continue for the test session. Usually, at the next power up, I check that the value 3 has returned to 0 and so I am sure that it has acquired the geomagnetic data…. today he didn’t want to go back to 0 … I made 3 altHold flights of about 10 minutes each (with very strong winds among other things) but it never brought the value back to 0 … do you have any suggestions about it?

thank you

This looks like a software problem so it’s better to ask on Ardupilot forum.
Besides, please upload the log otherwise we don’t know what happened on the copter.

Hi Alvin,

just to not leave the answer pending and to thank you for your interest, I send this message to tell you that I will be able to download the log as soon as I get back from work in a couple of days

Thanks again :slight_smile: