Compass_Primary - Noob starting

I am determined to get my cube black (new) on Core board working. I have solved my original issue with getting the radio wiring straight.

I am getting an error message on booting which says that compass_primary is not set. After completing the compass setup in QGroundControl, I can confirm that this is correct. Both compasses show as “Secondary”

Is this something I can just change manually in the parameters, or does it have to register a primary compass in the compass calibration routine.

I would like to add to my post that I previously was able to get my Here2 GPS to register in the parameter file, which is different than my current situation on the core board. I have not yet connected the Here2 GPS successfully and I am certain that when I did have it connected on my Pixhawk Cube main board, the compass registered from the Here2 and I’m thinking that it registered as Primary and as External and everything passes. I was thinking the GPS issue was not related by I now think it is.

Are you using ardupilot or px4?
Is the Here2 in CAN mode and have you done the CAN setup?
If yes, try switching the connection on CAN1 and CAN2 ports

Hi Alvin: Thanks for the super fast response. You are ahead of me as I have not yet connected the Here2 to the Kore board. BTW A good quality photo of the board that shows the labels would be great. I printed the case so I have no visibility on the labels on the Kore board. The photos I have found of the actual board do not allow me to read the labels on the cable ports.

I will be doing the setup in the morning. I’m taking one issue at a time and in the order that they are presenting themselves. I am using QGroundControl with Mission Planner, but would love to hear what the ideal software combination is.

Options are great until you pick one. :slight_smile:
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Ok, I have been trying to get my Here2 GPS working on Can1 on this Kore board. When I connect the USB cable to the board, the GPS flashes blue LEDs back and forth on the GPS. That stops.

A short while later, I get a green light on the Kore board and I hear the appropriate beeps that tell me I’m connected.

I believe I have done the Here2 Can setup correctly, but I have no GPS showing on the information screen of mission planner.

I’m frustrated right now, so I will try again later tonight.

Please use latest beta of mission planner and latest release code.

On the compass page you can configure the order of the mags. Once done, calibration must occur outside with a good gps lock.

Hi: “Latest beta of mission planner and latest release code” Release code would be the initial firmware? I’m not even sure what firmware I should be using.

Please explain. I wrote noob in the title for a good reason.

There is a great document for setting things up with the black cube on the Pixhawk long thin CubePilot platform.

I originally built this drone and ran it on a RadioLink PixHawk board to which I attached my RadioLink RD12S and AT10II. It runs 8 Lynxmotion 2830 motors which I am now running on 30A HobbyPower SimonK ESCs

Is there a version of this document for the black cube on a Kore board?

That would be helpful. I thought the instructions were clear for the Here2 GPS until I found the Mad youtube which mentions settings that have to be done in the parameters file.

Buying the kit with the Kore board, black cube and Here2 GPS with all the cables cost more than than it would have cost me for a complete drone with a 4k camera and the option to set paths for it to follow, with follow me, hold, and several other options.

Sorry, I just don’t know where I should go for the information. There are different sources of firmware, and different applications and last night I read about Solex which I understand might give me a GUI to set things up with.

Can someone suggest a path I can follow that will allow me to set up the Kore board, the firmware for the cube, the firmware for the Here2, and what settings need to be put in the parameter file so that my configuration can be recognized? I have found a number of documents that detail set up, but every single one is different.

The setup procedure for Kore is almost the same with standard carrier board.

Except for some extra functions such as amp monitor

There’s shouldn’t be any problem on the compass because their ports are same. You can even setup everything on the standard carrier board then move the cube to the kore. It will still work

Thank you Alvin
I appreciate the support. I will work through this list.
This is the same cube that found the Here2 on the CubePilot board.

I’m in the Kore Carrier Board Kore V1.3.1 and newer. I’m in the power section of the document.

I can confirm Mission Planner/Config/Planner Layout says advanced.
Full Parameter List

The only items in the list that start with Batt are Batt_Monitor through to Batt_Monitor 9.

I can’t see the other 5 parameters that I am supposed to set to the values listed.

QGroundControl also only shows Batt_Monitor through Batt_Monitor 9

If I try to load the parameter file using Load From File, I get an error message saying that the same 5 parameters that I can’t find are not in the file

Wait. You said Beta file. I will look for that.

Loaded 4.04 Beta

Ok, Wish I could take credit for fixing something, but I can’t. I connected my old non cube PixHawk RadioLink FC with my old GPS connected. Asked it to connect. It did.

Went back to the Kore board with the black cube.
GPS Leds started blinking green
Connected and clicked on SLCan. All the data was there
Clicked on update firmware
Reset. Reconnected. SLCan still sees GPS
H/W version 2.1
S/W version 1.5.33544151
Mode Operational
Health OK

Moving on to discover next issue

Some parameters are hidden from the list (eg: power sensing/adsb). They show up until something like xxx_enable or use_xxx set to 1.
xxx refers to the feature you need. Check the full parameter list on ardupilot wiki

Thanks Alvin

Batt_Monitor is 0 by default. Once set, all the other parameters showed up and I was able to set them too.

Can I follow the documentation that exists for the CubePilot? They both use the black cube…

The setup should be the same, except a few minor things (eg. 2 internal mags in black vs 1 in orange).