Configuring Herelink Buttons

While configuring Herelink Buttons, when we try to find the mapping of Top Left Wheel and Top Right Button in the QGroundControl Joystick menu, buttons are not visible other than A, B, C & D. Any idea how to map Top Left Wheel and Top Right Button specifically for camera gimbal operations?

Hello, Saad,

The Top Left Wheel and Top Right Button are not opened yet. They will be ready soon. Thank you for your patience.


Any tentative timeline for the the new firmware release?

Can I ask will it be possible to map any of the buttons to act the same as a 3 position switch?

My gimbal required 4 3 positions switches :frowning:

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It would be around the end of Feburary.

the function is possible and it will be release in near future. Thank you for your patience.

Thank Eric

Can I get a little more info on that please?

How many buttons will be available to configure as a 3 position switch?

How does a button act as a 3 position switch, cant get my head around that bit :slight_smile:

Is your answer ‘around end of Feb’ in relation to the switches?

Thanks in advance


Basically the same way they are done in opensolo. Short press long press and extra long press. 5pos switch could also use double click and triple click. Buttons have way more ways they can be used than switches.
In theary. One of the six buttons could be set up for button profile giving you 5 different button profiles so all 5 other buttons could have 20 different functions total. I’m not one of the developers so this doesn’t mean that is going to happen but it does show how much more potential they have

So far i have been able only to set 2 positions on a button and not more, but i have been able to set more than 1 button to CH5 to have more than 2 flight modes available.
What i have found annoying that limits testing is the fact the the gimbal rocker and top right button do not work as also the home button does not specify the function, besides the fact that returns you to the home screen, while i would like it to be configurable for RTL or Smart RTL depending the press length.
I can accept waiting for functions to have issues fixed, but really cant understand why they would not work at all (as the gimbal rocker and top right button) with no reall information on when we can have them tested.
So far i would say that i like it but i am sceptical in using in majority for now.
My so far downsides:
a) should been able to have a sim card to have it own network.
b) HDMI out for the image or atleast use the wifi to send the image elsewere.
c) being able to have an actual set of 3pos switches would of made things so familiar, but as soon as buttons can be configured properly and we are used of this way, switches will be a thing of the past.
d) the fact that you are not able to “lock” which flight modes you are using from cofiguration and you can accidently tap on the screen and choose any given flightmode (even) acro, during flight, makes the system pretty dangerous for builders that sell their drones to people that when they fly 300m away they wont be able to understand whats happening if swicthes to acro mode from loiter and how catastrophic it may be.
These are my initial thoughts and comments and in the next few days i will update with a new post. I would appreciate if for now we can have a version with the gimbal rocker and extra button working and soon after that, have key parts fixed.

D is all part of qgc android has always been there. QGC is hopefully going away. But then solex also has drop down menu for modes same as all other Android GCS

Yes D has always been there, but flying with a radio and having along side a laptop or a tablet does not make it as easy on mistakes as having your fingures on such a small screen looking for something.
I am simply saying that no matter the GCS software there must be 2 options.
a) locked parameters
b) specific flight mode choices only. like a tick box next to the configured flight modes, allowing only those specific to be chosen.

@Antonios_Antzoulatos As an OEM trying out our Beta system, you have a special area on this forum to make comments etc. contact Eric for details.

Is possible to put 3 position momentary switch control on a single button?

(Eg: default value 1500 when not pressed, value 1000 when short press and value 2000 when long pressed?) I think it will be very helpful for zoom controls on optical zoom cameras

Hi, my herelink is running on beta version(4.0.8). And I am trying to configure my buttons on QGC. This is the screem I am getting. And i am not able to map it. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?


Could anyone point me to the source code of the buttons handling in the QGC herelink ? I can’t find it.


@Eric_Xie has there been any progress on being able to have a button set as a 3 position switch?