Configuring T-motor F35A ESC with Cube Orange


I’m trying to configure the ESC parameters for my T-motor F35A ESCs using the FC Passthrough on the Cube Orange.
Using the BLHeliSuite32 ( &
I get to the stage of connecting to the FC but on initiating ‘Read Setup’, ESC configurations are not detected and connection to individual ESCs also fails.
Has anyone else faced this issue?
Is it an ESC instead?

P.S. - I have set the suggested SERVO_BLH parameters and have the ESC on AUX pins.

we are having similar issues with the Cube Orange using the KDE Direct motors and ESC’s. I feel it has something to do with the Cube Orange firmware. it seems to be so new that it doesn’t talk to the ESC’s correctly. our motors will have sudden stoppage issues during running. still looking for a correction.

Have you had success with using Cube Black?

This sounds like a different issue. OP is talking about using BLHeli passthrough to configure ESC settings.

Can you describe the “sudden stoppage” problem you’re having?

so far the Cube black seems to work fine with the motors from KDE. We just learned that the Cube Yellow might be a good option as well. we are looking into that also.

@Anubis - You are correct. Do you have any idea how to address the issue? Having trouble identifying whether the FC has the issue or the ESC itself.

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with the BLH passthrough. Would probably be worth asking on the Ardupilot forums.

@Sr71kd The most recent Ardupilot update fixes a bug that broke BLH passthrough on Cube Orange.

EDIT: Nevermind, according to the responses in that thread, it might not be fixed yet.