Connect 2x Mauch 12V BECs on KORE Carrier Board?

Hi, I would like to connect 2 Mauch 12V BECs on KORE Carrier Board. Is that possible and where I could connect the BECs??? Thank you!!!

Any pad where you would normally connect an ESC would work.

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Hi Sir,
Thank you for your reply. Sorry what do you mean? I think that the 2 BECs must be connected in the battery power line, before the connection with KORE Carrier Board. Is that right???

Connecting them to ESC power pads, as Manav says, would ensure the current they draw is included in the current through the sensor and counts towards the logged current and mAh used.

Hi Mr Shawn,
Could I use the BATT2 sense port for this purpose???

You are right guys. I must connect the BECs to the ESC’s power pads, for including their power consumption at the counts of internal sensor. Thank you all.