Connect M8N to pixhawk cube orange

Hello, I’m new in this world of drones and I’m trying to connect a M8N GPS modul (with 10 pin outputs) to the cube orange. However, the standard connection doesn’t work, so I have to adapt the 10 pins output to 8 or 6, but I do not know which are the useful pins. Does anyone know how to do this connection or which are the important pins.


Hi @Arnau_Torret_Palma,
I managed to do this a while back, I will dig out my notes and let you know.

Hi Paul,
Thank you, and you will tell.

Hi @Arnau_Torret_Palma, I have gathered my notes from when I did this into this PDF - Wiring a 10pin GPS plug to the 8pin socket on a Cube carrier board.pdf. Hopefully this helps you do yours. Please let me know if you get stuck. I have lost the piece of paper I used to draw the exact pin to pin mapping, but you should be able to easily recreate with this info.

Hi @pauljeff, I’m very gratefull for what you’ve done for me. If I get stuck I will ask you.
Furthemore, I’m a 17-yeras-old boy who is doing his Treball de Recerca work (TR). This is a mandatory high-school work from Catalunya (Spain) in which the student has to create or reserch for something (I’m trying to create a hybrid drone). Also, in TR the student has to make a memory and I would like to be able to use somepart of the PDF you’ve sent me and cite you in it, can I?

Thank you,

Arnau Torret.

Hi @Arnau_Torret_Palma, I’m really glad it was helpful. Yes you can use the pdf however you like.
Let me know how you go or if you get stuck.
Good luck,