Connecting a external antenna with more power to herelink controller

(Mohammed Suhail) #1

Is it possible to connect an external antenna in place of the existing ones to amplify transmission range

(Banme RC) #2

I think yes. The controller has one directional antenna 2 dB and one other is omni-directional 5dB. But I dont know how far did you fly?

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(Mohammed Suhail) #3

The thing is I’m using it on a surface vehicle and idk if it’s my antenna placement or obstructions I’m just getting around 600meters


I would look at antenna placement first.

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(Mohammed Suhail) #5

What antenna placement would be ideal for a surface vehicle …could u give me an idea about how far the two air unit antennas are to be kept to maximize coverage

(Ganesh) #6

Hi @Mohammed_Suhail

I have also tested the range on the ground I also got about the same distance. This is because the transmission went through two walls and had all the obstructions. May be line of sight may give better results, will try this soon.

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There is a picture in the manual. It shows the antenna mounted vertical

As far apart as practical

And your disk antenna on your controller should be pointed at the vehicle

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(Mohammed Suhail) #8

Yea I’ll be testing in different scenarios… will update it here

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