Connecting Autopilot medantory? (Solved Video issues)

Hey there,

while testing my new Herelink system I faced several Video problems. I used the following setup:

GoPro 4 Black connected to the air unit which was powered by a 2s Lipo.

I faced following ‘issues’:

  • No video stream in Solex

  • Bad latency in QGC (between 250-300 ms, values coming from my gut feelings and confirmed by “measurements” using my smartphone stopwatch)

However, after connecting my Autopilot (Cube Orange) to the air unit I was able to start the video stream in Solex with a much much better latency (around 130-150 ms). I havent tried the video stream in QGC with the Autopilot because I have ran out of time… will do it soon.

Maybe it should be stated somewhere, that an autopiltot should be connected for proper video streaming? For me it was not obvious because as I thought video streaming and controlling of a vehicle are two independent features.

Yes. The video streaming and control are 2 separated features. However, some times the controller may be glitched such that it can’t do video streaming without telemetry connected. Reloading firmware may help.

Alright, I’ll try to reflash the firmware from my pc. Will I run into problems with device registration as I already registered my device with the supplied key?

It should be fine as long as you used the same key on the same device


after flashing both, air and remote unit, nothing changed… But I want to use it with the cube anyway so no problem there

On Solex it won’t stream till the cube is connected, that’s by design