Connecting Cube Orange to Jetson via GPS1 port but i have some questions

I want to connect my jetson and orange cube to each other and i was thinking about cutting the wires from GPS1 cable (which came with the cube ADS-B carrier board standart set and has button on). I was gonna cut RX and TX and just connect it to Jetson but i have couple of questions

1- Im gonna buy Here 3+ gps and ( connecting here3+ ) in this picture it looks like it uses that 8 pin connector for rxtx. And if it uses that connector i dont have the required cable for GPS2 and im afraid im not gonna be able to buy it. Is Here3+ uses that GPS port (which also has button)

2- Is this connection works because it has RX and TX i thouhgt it works?

3- Some people suggested usb converters but why i just cant connect usb cable from cube to jetson?

Any help appreciated, and thanks already to people answers <3

But in this picture here3+ it looks like has that 6 pin connector that goes to gps2 pin im really curious

The Here3 and Here3+ only come with CAN connectors, so it won’t use any of the serial ports at all. I think that first photo you linked is of the Here+, which is a much older product. The official documentation for Cubepilot products is here: Here 3 Manual - CubePilot, you should use that as your reference instead.

Yes it will work. Just don’t forget to also connect the ground wire.
And just in case you didn’t know, you can use any of the serial ports to connect to your Jetson: GPS1, GPS2, Telem1, and Telem2 all have a serial port. I’d recommend GPS2 or Telem2 because the other 2 ports have extra capabilities that you won’t need for this.

I don’t know why they would suggest this. You can indeed connect the USB directly to the Jetson. You can use either the micro USB port on the Cube, or the 6-pin USB connector (that also has the buzzer). They are the same. If you plan on flying/driving with the USB connected, you should use the 6-pin connector because the micro USB port is not very secure and will transfer vibrations to the IMU.

Thanks for your response, It covers all my questions very well and helps a lot so thank you again <3.

But I’m curious because when I connected to that usb (which is bundled with buzzer) to my computer qgroundcontrol didn’t recognized it. But with normal port it does do you have any ide why that can happen?

And thanks again

Sometimes the USB port on a laptop or computer doesn’t provide enough power to boot the flight controller if there’s other devices attached to it. If you had other devices attached (like GPS, etc.), try unplugging them.

I guess another possibility is the cable itself. I’ve had a couple of those female micro USBs be a bit finnicky or difficult to plug all the way in.

Uh, also, USB signal lines need to be physically next to each other. If you modified the cable and separated the signal lines, that would make the connection unstable.

That’s all I can think of; those 2 USB ports are electrically the same connection so I don’t know why only one would work (don’t plug both into your computer at the same time).