Connecting Drone and Ground control station using AWS Server

@Michael_Oborne @Mike_ZY @Alvin I want to connect my drone using AWS Server or any server, How I can do this, what should I do coding or software on the server side, is there any software or code available for this, so that both the drone and ground control can communicate with each other? I have done it using the local network that is working properly.

I don’t think you need the server. Just run mavproxy on the desktop.

I have to control my drone remotely from 150 km, what will I do ?

read this page in the documentation. take note of LTE and 4G. Telemetry (landing page) — Copter documentation

Use zerotier, or wireguard, tailscale to route the traffic via aws

Can you share some screen shots how to do it, Please help me I need it