Connecting Gimbal without FCU

Hi all,
I want to control my gimbal from a big distance so I checking if the HereLink system could be my solution. Can I connect my camera to HDMI port on the transmitter, and to connect my gimbal to the S.BUS port without to use some sort of any flight control due to lack of space and weight in my system. I ask this question because in all the diagram of how to connect HereLink to gimbal they use flight controller and I cant.

If not do you know any self device that have HDMI port and can control gimbal with S.BUS or CAN BUS over long distance?

The herelink comes with two SBUS cables, giving you 32 channels total of control. In my experience I need sbus 1 to control the drone and sbus 2 to control the gimbal but sbus 2 hasnt worked for me. However if all you need from the hereink is video transmission and gimbal control, then plugging a camera into one of the two hdmi ports will get you a video feed and plugging sbus 1 into your gimbal’s sbus port will give you control with the joysticks on the ground controller