Connecting HereLink to a wifi router

I am trying to connect my laptop running UgCS (or MissionPlanner or QGroundControl) with one HereLink, and several tablets running the UgCS for DJI app. I can connect HereLink to my laptop using HereLink’s hotspot and UgCS, MissionPlanner and QGC all connect instantly, and work perfectly. I do missing person searches with a team of pilots. I want to set up a wifi router at a command station and have all of the units connected to that instead of HereLink’s hotspot. I set up a wifi router where I can connect HereLink, and my laptop, but they do not see each other and UgCS, MissionPalnner and QGC do not connect.

Please help me set up this network. Thanks!


As far as I know Herelink won’t share data through wifi except under hotspot mode

Thanks for the reply Alvin. Is that a definitive answer? I really need to know for sure if it’s possible. Being able to set up a network is critical for me. If it’s not possible… well it needs to be possible! I’m stunned that this ability is not just easy to do.

Under the current setup, yes, it’s impossible. You can’t get Herelink’s data from wifi router
If you setup a network with Herelink as the centre/as hotspot, it’s possible.

But, the UgCS says that it is possible How to connect UgCS to HereLink - UgCS I just can’t seem to connect with UgCS.

I assume you want to achieve this?

connected to the same wifi network as the Herelink is

You may try to verify the ip address of Herelink.