Connecting multiple drones to one herelink controller

In the future will there be the ability to connect multiple drones to one herelink controller? also the ability to connect more than one controller to the same drone?

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We intend this to happen, but no promises yet

Awesome. Looking forward to seeing the ongoing developments.
Do you have an estimated date for when the next firmware update will be released?

Towards the end of March

Is there actually already a way to pair two herelink remote control to one receiver?

Only manually at this point

How is this done exactly?

Use the normal pairing instructions, each time…

Ahhhh yes I should probably read the instructions a bit more thoroughly, seeing that now lol thanks

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No worries! I’m guilty of that all the time!

How does the air unit decide which of the groundcontrol station is in control in case two ground station connected to 1 air unit.

You cannot pair two ground stations to the same air unit at the same time yet.

Is there a way to connect two different aircraft with two different controllers to one groundstation laptop running UgCS?
Where as before we would link two different RFD modules, now because of the hotspot we can’t link 2x separate WiFi signals. I’ve tried a router but I can only link it to 5.8ghz frequency and UgCS doesn’t pick it up.

Have you tried via usb ?

I haven’t tried the USB tether yet with two controllers, are there any other ways ?

simply put them all on the same wifi network