Connecting rc module to cube

I am having trouble sorting out the connections on the cube Core interface board. Is there a document anywhere that walks a new user through what should be connected where? I have found lots for the pixhawk boards, but nothing more than the document on the Core page.

Check out the Wiki here is should have everything you need

Hi MadRC
Thanks for the quick response. This is the document that I have been working from and I have ordered a cube PixHawk module because I couldn’t figure out where I should be connecting cables. The big one is that I don’t see RC IN in the document or on the board. Where to I connect the radio?


Look for Sbus header

Hi Ian:
Thanks for staying with me on this. I’ve been doing some research on you tube and I think my understanding has improved. I have no problem finding SBus on my radio which is a RadioLink R12DS. I also have no problem finding the SBus pins on the Core board.

I am migrating from a PixHawk from before the cube existed, and it has SBus Out and right beside it is RC In. Is it enough to connect SBus on my radio to SBus on the Core and then just hook up my Escs on the corners of the Core board top rows as documented?

My confusion is that there does not seem to be an RC In on the Core board. The videos that I have been watching lead me to believe that the rest of the mapping is done in software in Mission Planner config and that I don’t actually need RC In as it exists on my older PixHawk . Is this correct?