Control Sony Camera with gentWire


to control my Sony Camera I need the following channels:

  1. Tilt (mapped to the Dial), working!

  2. Taking a Picture / Video recording

    PWM 0-1500 is Recording Video, 1500 to 2000 is for the shutter.
    How is this configurable?

  3. Zooming
    PWM 0-1500 is zoom out at PWM 1500-2000 is zoom in.

  4. Regarding to the servo actions …
    why is it not possible to define precise settings like "default pwm / trigger pwm / trigger time)?

btw, it looks like the solex app, does not trigger “take a picture / record video” function from the main screen.

We are using drones to take pictures, record video and use the zoom function.
So far the herelink system seems completely useless for me ;(

I hope there are solutions for that or will be soon. Hate to use DJI A3.


This is all achievable. You can map the gimbal wheel to control both Zoom and Pitch with a button to swap between them.

On your trigger is the Pwm needs to stay there or Momantry.

What trigger are you using ?

is this possible on PX4? this is exactly what I need

In Solex you can program the wheel to say Aux 1. Then setup D button to Change that to Aux 2 on a short press and a long press to reset back to Aux one.

So if you put pitch on Aux 1 and Zoom on Aux 2 you can do both via the wheel.

The shutter can be programmed for long and short press in the Herelink settings and you can program it to to do both shutter and record but you do need a second button to reset it. My advice on this is to set shutter to the top corner button and then use say C button to start and stop record.

I am also working on a Lua script to allow the camera button to short press take pic and long press record with the Seagull camera controller. The script is done and working but I’m just trying to work out something on Lua with the current stable releases as not everything has the same bindings.

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Hello @MadRC , i suppose the proposed setup was available only before the stable release?
i can see that on AAU01210729 you can no longer choose Sbus out on the wheel and also on solex i cant see to find a way to make your setup work, since it allows the wheel up to ch16 and sbus starts from 17. Am i doing something wrong? It seems also that the docs are also outdated and dont follow along with the latest fw changes