Controller operational limits


I’d like to inquire about the HereLink Controller’s max. and min. operating temperatures and whether or not it is rugged in nature/IP-rated?

It’d also be good if these things are mentioned along with the technical specifications.

Operating temperature is best kept as low as possible for the air unit, but the processor will throttle to maintain acceptable temperature.
A fan mount is included with the air module.
Forced air cooling is advisable in hot climates.

The controller doesn’t come with an official IP rating. Just like most remote control gear.

I see. Thanks for the reply Philip.

Are there any specific numbers for the acceptable temperatures for the controller as well?
Thinking of getting the system but concerned about ambient temperatures being as high as upwards of 45 degree Celsius here.

Has there been any testing that’s been done to determine the controller hardware’s ingress protection?

They are operating in much hotter areas than you are experiencing. Ambient temperature is not the concern, not having airflow is the concern, try and keep it below 55

Okay, that should be fine then.

Is an IP rating for the controller in the pipeline? Does the design have any measures in place for ingress protection?

Ingress protection is not in the works, RC controller hoods are commonly used in adverse conditions to also keep your hands protected.

Alright then.
Thanks Philip.

Phillip do you have a diagram or photo on how a fan would mount on the air unit? I see the lag bolts and the back mounting holes for the back plate just can’t wrap my mind around how it would mount.


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That’s perfect :slight_smile:

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Can I use under -10 or -20 degree Celsius Air condition?

Has anyone ever tested it?

We’ve used it around -10 degC for half a day without any problem.


thank you for sharing experience.