Controlling a gimbal with Herelink

Hello all,

I want to control a 3 axis gimbal with herelink.

I have seen that in the las release, It is possible (In Solex) to use the buttons to map the wheel to different channels. That’s great because I can use the buttons to assign the wheel to different channels and add a pwm range. However, I am scared that If I wan to tilt the camera down, as soon as I will release the wheel from my finger, the camera will tilt up again. Is there any way to use the wheel to tilt the gimbal but it stays and does not come back when the wheel is released.

That was discussed time ago here, I was one of the ones suggesting that this feature would be cool. I wonder if in this release that feature was added or if it would be in the future. Otherwise it would be impossible to control gimbals from Herelink.

Any help?

Thank you in advance.

Same request here. Herelink although a nice controler luck on functionality on controlling gimbals-cameras

Same need here. However, It would be better if it was handled directly on Ardupilot side as a rate mode gimbal control. ( equivalent as angle mode from alexmos )

I’ve added a thread there few days ago about this.

I subscribed to your topic.

Is there any way to know if the Herelink Team is thinking about adding this feature? With that Herelink would be 100% complete. Otherwise, anyone who would need to operate a Gimbal, and I think It would be plenty of people, they will have to stay away and change to other controller. I would not like that at all since I have a big investment in several Herelinks.

Could we open a ticket or communicate with the Herelink team to see if they could help us with that>


This has been discussed in the background. Normally the Gimbal controller is what allows you to do this however we did discuss it with the team.

It’s something they are exploring. I have also started to look at a Lua that may be able to help too.

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Thanks for your answer.

Well I think that even with the gimbal controller, In the way HereLink works now, you can tilt up or down the camera with the wheel, but as soon as you release it, the signal in the chanel would come back to 1500 and the camera would come back to the original position.

Hello, It is any new regarding that?


We’ve been able to pan with the wheel and pitch with A and B but it’s a nasty hack. @philip sorry to tag you here, but can you update us on how to best control a 2 axis gimbal? If it’s not possible, is there something in the works?

Hello, What I did, is adding a small microcontroller (micro arduino style) so I can make the mixes that I need. The arduino is located between the Auxliar output of the Cube and the servos that move the gimbal.

I hope it helps.


Hey! Is there any update on this?

I do not think so. But try using a gimbal controller or the smaller Arduino u can find. It works.

I was able to complete this via a custom Lua Script.

There is a solution for gimbal control via the Herelink. Have a look at the HERELINK & PIXHAWK IMPLEMENTATION from They control the gimbal from an Android device via the Herelink.
It looks like it’s the way to go.

The next update will solve this for most and you won’t need to use the Script.

Hi. When wil the next update come for herelink as MadRc said in above conversation ? Will, in that update,gimbal issues would be fully solved ?

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Which gimbals will be supported? I have a Movi M5 that I would love to use with herelink, but I am not sure it’s supported.

Also, does anyone have any gimbal suggestions for a Sony A7 series camera? I would like to sell the Movi, and get something that works better with the cube.