Conversation in relation to the new Indian Regulations


If you are an Indian company after information on Digital Sky… please follow the below forums for the ONLY accurate information on this topic.

Ardupilot and the Cube will be fully compliant with the full regulations and @sidbh is actively working on this matter for Hex/ProfiCNC, he is also in the ISpirit forum on this matter.


Joined the forum looks mostly above my pay grade. Should any Indian companies want some exposure on sUAS News, drop me a line.

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Will the existing cube system is compatible with this technology. I am from India and I want to know what devolpment is going on this technology on your end


Yes, we will be supporting the digital sky in the Cube




Hey @philip, is there a way for an Indian company to be a part of this development and contribute to it? I’d be interested if so.


From what I understand, @CraigElder already has you sorted out. Please follow up with him on this, he is in contact with the team