Convert signal from an FPV camera to HDMI?

I am wondering if it’s possible to convert the signal from an FPV camera to HDMI for use with the HereLink. Specifically, I have a Mapir Survey3 camera that I use for mapping projects for missing person searches. That camera uses the HDMI port for PWM control. Video is output through the USB port. Is it possible to convert that analog signal to HDMI? Thanks!

what exact analog output does it use?
my quick googles says, can you just not use the hdmi for video?

HD 1080p (HDMI Micro), SD 480p (Optional USB FPV Cable)

No, that camera uses the HDMI post for PWM contol.

They’re a lot of analog to HDMI converters out there. You may need to try a few before you find the right one. The prices goes from the ridiculous to the sublime. So, you can buy a cheap import, or something more pro from B&H.

I’m not doing the LMGTFY, I just want you to see the vast number of devices.

If I understand this correctly you have a camera which outputs an analog signal through a mini USB port. I had a Canon 5D camera I did this with a few years back. Go on amazon and find a Composite to HDMI converter. Its a small lightweight box. It does work. I’ve been using it with the FLIR Vue which also outputs a Composite signal. Their only $20. It does work with the Herelink.

Thank you for the reply Sean. Would you mind providing me with a link to the unit you are using and is known to work with HereLink? I also have a Flir Vue! The camera I’m most interested in using with the HereLink is the Mapir Survey3. I could do mapping and some fpv with that same camera, and it’ll work with a Tarot gimbal just like a GoPro. Thanks!

Here is the link for the converter.
You will also need an HDMI to HDMI micro cable. Here is the one I used.
The unit is powered from a USB power source. So 5VDC. I used this regulator.