Copter-4.0 compilation for CubeBlack

Hi all,

Looking at the list of boards in Copter-4.0, I noticed that there is a CubeBlack+ target besides the regular CubeBlack. Is there a difference between them? Which one is safe to use and compile?


Build for CubeBlack. My guess that the Black+ is a new product that’s still undergoing testing, so that build target won’t really concern us until it’s released. You’d probably know if you had one.

I would speculate that the Black+ is meant to be the “same” product with some end-of-life components replaced, but it still has an MPU9250 according to the hwdef, so I dunno.


My belief is the Black+ is the The Same FMU board but the new sensor board from the Yellow and Orange Cube.

So a hybrid of new and old due to sensors being obsolete on the original IMU.

As far as I know it’s not a mass product and it’s for specific users who want the STM32F4 still and are not ready to transition to H7 for compliance and technical reasons.

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