Copter land in the middle of the flight and crushing with a tree

Hello experts,

Last week flying of my hexa copter power by cube blue and kore carrier board has an error in the middle of the flight and land in the woods.

After that I check t log and it has compass inconsistance and other gps error i think .

I use blue cube with kore carrier board and here pro gps.

I will upload t log and please help me to check what reason cause this failure.

Please share the dataflash log

As Alvin said - unfortunatelly telemetry log will not tell us anything of value. We will need a dataflash log to analyze what happened and help you in finding the source of the problem. You can download the telemetry log by connecting your flight controler to the mission planner, entering dataflash log tab, clicking on the download the dataflash log via mavlink button, choosing the last file that will be displayed (if the crash was your last flight, if not - you should find the file recorded in the flight when the crash occured) nad clicking Read selected logs.